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A soul weaver may combine spheres and talents to create magical effects.A soul weaver is considered a High-Caster and uses Charisma as her casting ability modifier.The offer was only intended to last a few months after launch, but we proudly offered it for quite a long time.We are letting everyone know so they can take advantage of the deal and get the full 1-Year Membership deal at only .95 before the offer ends and the price increases on July 14June 28, 2011 The war raging on between the forces of light and darkness is causing an unexpected effect on Paladins and Doom Knights across the world... This Friday, those who possess the member-only Paladin and Doom Knight classes, will find themselves far more formitable in combat.This ability also identifies spells that have been altered by the reweave spirit ability.

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We are changing a lot of skills and boosting damage... which is powerful especially when you blast undead opponents. there will be a small chance on every attack to instantly do Ultimate Heal (All-Team-Mate Heal) that will completely heal your party and make you invulnerable from damage for a short amount of time. and for the first time in a LONG time, everyone seemed to be happy.