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During the conception of an Andorian child, the thaan fertilizes a shen's egg with his gamete. This produces a fertilized egg that develops into a zygote.The shen then transfers the zygote to the zhen's pouch, where it develops into an embryo.The assessment process includes a multi-stage assessment and grading by a team of shock site expert, show attribute a Shock Grading to each shock image / ideal vision of a better society Those are mutually exclusive. I'm still concerned about these donations, but I can only assume you have enough to spare if you're able to keep making them. I'd also like to note that I have no problems with paying the server costs as it stands, so don't feel as if you 'need' to donate.Andorians and Aenar accept the terms "male" and "female", and the pronouns "she/her" and "he/him", while dealing with binary-gendered species.

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Hawke and Anders still have much to sort out, both in and out of their new leather trousers.The Andorian fetus is incubated and nourished to term in the zhen's pouch.The zhen does not contribute genetically to offspring. Remember the golden rule of shock sites – they are no fun to just surf on your own – share them with your friends and let them have fun as well!

They are a great way to piss people off and cause internet drama. Shock Chan has collected the Internet’s most impressive collection of horrific shock videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Zha, Sha, Cha, Tha zh'yi, sh'za, ch'te, th'se zhavey, shreya, charan, thavan zhei, shei, chei, thei zhi, shi, chi, thi zhadi, shidei, chada, thadu zhri'za, shri'za, chri'ze, thri'ze The unique paradigm of the four Andorian and Aenar sexes have long caused reproductive problems on Andor.